Charles Edward Salter known by the name “Max C” is the quintessential 21st Century R&B vocalist.  From grooving to crooning, Max C has a sound and artistry that perfectly marries the old school vibe of the 80’s and 90’s with the contemporary sounds popular today.  Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, early on, Max C was surrounded by music.  His mom was a gospel singer and his father, a blues and jazz aficionado.  Ironically, however, Max’s career didn’t start as a singer.  Max gained traction in the entertainment industry first as a dancer.  In 1984, he was recruited to Finland to be the country’s first street and breakdance instructor.  He fell in love with Finland and made it is home.   Always drawn to singing when he wasn’t dancing, however, Max took every opportunity to sing for audiences.  Soon the word was out that Max C had “the” voice.  Requests started pouring in for Max to add his distinctive vocals to EDM tracks for local DJs first, then came requests from the biggest international EDM artists.  Despite his success with electronic music, Max’s R&B roots could not be denied.  After recording an acapella version of Charlie Wilson’s “Without You” and posting it on YouTube, Anthony “Baby Gap” Walker of the famed “Gap Band” sent Max an email.  Baby Gap told Max that he was in a band with musicians from the original Gap Band and had heard many singers who tried to sound like the Gap Band's former front man,  Charlie Wilson, over the years.  However, Max was the first and only person he had ever heard who naturally and effortlessly sang with the exact same tone, style and finesse as Charlie Wilson.  In fact, Charlie Wilson himself, invited Max C to sing backup for him, admitting that Max’s sound echoed his own.  Although Max declined the invitation to sing background for Wilson, he accepted Ronnie Wilson’s invitation to be the lead singer of his new band that included original Gap Band musicians.  Over the years, this band with Max C has changed names and management.  In addition to his new solo endeavors, Max C remains the frontman for the musicians responsible for creating many of the memorable Gap Band sounds, which band today is called “Total Experience.”  Now having proven his chops as an amazing vocalist, Max C’s debut R&B solo project, "Full Circle", injected with soulful duets and rap talent, will take listeners on a lyrical journey that provides soulful stories of love lost, love found, perseverance, desire, hope, happiness, attraction, nostalgia, politics and head bobbing, foot stomping celebration.  Enjoy!